Welcome to SELDOM Technologies
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    Software Development
    Website Design
    Web Development
    Domain and Hosting
    eCommerce Solutions
    eBusiness Solutions
    SEO Consulting
    CMS Solutions
    GUI Designing
    Flash Design
    Web Application
    Logo Designing
    Web Graphics
    Data Mining
    Data Warehousing
    Data Merging
    Business Intelligence
    ERP Consulting

     Seldom Product

     Pest Control Software
     Service Tax Software
     Global User Authentication
     Ready Mix Software
     Tamil Software
    More Work

    • Windows
    • Visual Studio .Net
    • SQL Server
    • Dreamweaver
    • HTML
    • Photoshop
    • Crystal Reports
    • Flash
    • XML
    • AJAX
    • Apple


    Who we are

    SELDOM Technologies is a young, energetic and innovative organization to create a revolution in the field of Software solutions.

    Seldom Technologies is a proactive organization based in Chennai, India, Professionally managed Business House specialized in providing innovative business solutions by offering quality IT Services with high performance and design efficiency.

    Our solutions ensure that the appropriate information gets to the right people, at the right time and in the most usable format. Our predictive software solutions empower enterprises in a variety of industries to build more profitable relationships with personalized, responsive real-time attention. This empowerment could prove to be of vital importance to take the right action when risk materializes, opportunities evaporate and efficiency is compromised.

    When you choose Seldom, you arm your company with service agents who understand every facet of your support issues, continuously monitor the content of your Web site, and have a thorough grasp of your company's service and product offerings.

    Our rigorous training program ensures that our representatives are knowledgeable about your products and services and they know how to resolve customer service issues quickly and efficiently.

    Why Seldom

    ♥ With Accuracy - you'll get unsurpassed read rates on all characters and form types

    ♥ In Profitability - our software captures information fast and efficiently, enabling companies to lower their operating costs, increase productivity.

    ♥ Outstanding Customer care.

    ♥ Professional service of proficient personnel.

    Our Work Culture

    A youthful and vibrant work culture complemented by a work environment to provide and obtain the best from each employee. A strong emphasis is laid on the "Learn, Share and Grow" policy. Consistent information sharing across various levels of employees is maintained through effective channels of communication.

    Our Strength & Competency

    ♥ Reduced Costs - Economic forces and industry trends are leading executives to fully or partially outsource non-core competencies and leverage international resources to reduce costs. Through our global workforce, we help our customers increase ROI by providing services at lower than market costs–with no sacrifice in quality or time.

    ♥ Speed-to-Market - With access to a large skilled labor pool and 24 hour production we have the people and skill sets to meet your needs with rapid delivery – helping your company stay ahead of the competition.

    ♥ Superior Quality - Using our Global Solutions methodology, we guarantee superior quality and customer satisfaction.

    ♥ Our process capabilities focus on defect prevention, technology absorption and productivity enhancement.